Postcards-First Aid

Postcards-First Aid
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The 4x6 First Aid Postcards are the same as the 8.5x11, only smaller. They are perfect for placement in a first aid kit, or just to use as marketing materials.You can hand them out after a First Aid class so your students have a guideline to follow without having to carry around a big book. They can also be used at a healthfair, or trade show as marketing materials.

Due to the information on these, they can be given to the general public. They do not have to be special for someone who has taken a course. They cover information as minor as bee stings and dental injuries all the way up to Heart Attack and Stroke. You will find information such as Shock, Seizures, Diabetes, Allergic Reactions, Bee Sting, Nose Bleeds, Head and neck injuries, Eye injuries, Poisoning, Cold and Heat related injuries, Dislocation and Fractured, Bleeding, Closed wounds, and Burns.  

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